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What are the different types of commercial insurance?

Whatever your industry, insurance is essential to protect you from a wide variety of risks. But which type of commercial insurance do you really need, and which can you do without? Here we’ll outline the main types of commercial insurance, what they cover, and which businesses they apply to. 

What is commercial insurance? 

Commercial insurance is insurance to protect businesses during the course of their work. Some forms of commercial insurance are essential (for example, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement for every employer, and professional indemnity insurance may be a condition of industry membership). Others may be a sound business decision to transfer the risk and offer valuable peace of mind. 

Types of commercial insurance 

There’s a wide range of different types of commercial insurance to choose from. Some of the most popular examples are as follows: 

Commercial combined insurance 

Commercial combined insurance ticks several boxes in one go. It is designed to provide cover for a range of key commercial risks, including Property, Consequential Loss, Public and Products Liability, Employers Liability and more. Combining your insurance needs into one all-inclusive policy can save you money and ensure that you are covered for all eventualities. 

  • Suitable for: All businesses

Contractors insurance 

Contractor insurance is advisable for contractors of all types, from groundworkers to roofing contractors. It will cover everything you need as a contractor, including Employers Liability, Public Liability including Products, Contract Works, Tools, Own and Hired In Plant and Professional Indemnity. 

  • Suitable for: All types of companies involved in the construction industry 

Motor trade insurance 

Motor trade insurance is designed to cover car dealers, mechanical and bodywork repairers and recovery companies for a range of key motor trade risks, including Property, Consequential Loss, Service Indemnity, Employers Liability and Road

Risks. Unlike a standard vehicle policy, the road risks section will allow you to drive any vehicle owned by or in the custody or control of the business and can also be extended to your customers in respect of courtesy vehicles. 

  • Suitable for: Companies in the motor trade: car dealerships, garages, vehicle recovery companies and more

Property owner’s insurance 

Property owner’s liability insurance protects landlords and landowners, whether you own a single commercial property or manage a large property portfolio. It typically includes buildings insurance, contents insurance, loss of rent cover, property owners liability, employer’s liability and legal expenses. 

  • Suitable for: All commercial landlords, however big your property portfolio

Professional indemnity insurance 

Do you provide professional services, or work in an industry where your negligence could lead to court action against you? If so, professional indemnity insurance is advisable. 

Motor fleet insurance 

If your business owns a fleet of company cars, vans or other vehicles, motor fleet insurance can be arranged to provide cover for all your vehicles on one policy with one common renewal date and provides cover for any driver who has the permission of the business. This is often subject to an age restriction. Cover is usually arranged on a comprehensive basis but can be reduced to third party only if required. 

  • Suitable for: All companies with a fleet of company vehicles

Directors and officers liability insurance 

Also known as D&O insurance or management liability insurance, directors and officers liability insurance is designed to cover your business if it is alleged that your owners or directors have taken part in wrongful acts. This can also include cover for employment disputes. 

  • Suitable for: Any Limited businesses with a board of directors or senior management team

Cyber insurance 

Hacking and security breaches are a fact of life that businesses need to be aware of.

Cyber insurance provides cover for your own and third party losses in the event of a cyber attack. 

  • Suitable for: All companies at risk of data breaches

Product Recall 

If you are a manufacturer, a specialist product Recall insurance policy will ensure that you are protected in the event that you need to recall a product if it is discovered that an item you have supplied has caused, or has the potential to cause harm. 

  • Suitable for: Manufacturing companies in all industries

Technology insurance 

For businesses operating in tech industries such as data storage, managed services and software development, technology insurance is a specialist type of policy that can cover a range of key risks, including Property, Consequential Loss, Public and Products Liability, Employers Liability, Errors and Omissions, Cyber losses and more. Combining your insurance needs into one all-inclusive policy can save you money and ensure that you are covered for all eventualities 

  • Suitable for: Technology companies: website design, software development, data security and more

Marine and logistics insurance 

Marine and logistics insurance is designed for businesses involved in the movement of goods through the supply chain. It can protect cover for your own or third party goods against loss or damage in transit. 

  • Suitable for: Business involved in the import and export of goods

Get the right type of commercial insurance to protect your business

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