Tailored cover for the specific requirements of carriers and traders

Billions of pounds worth of manufactured goods and raw materials are in continuous movement around the world creating complex logistical challenges for carriers and traders alike.

The speed of communications and the impact of e-commerce mean reliable, efficient logistics are ever more important. Whether carried by land, sea or air, goods are constantly at risk through forces of nature, mishandling and the effects of crime. Every country and every ocean presents a different challenge for goods on the move.

At Hallsdale Commercial we pride ourselves in our expertise in placing insurance for Marine Transit risks and we are pleased to be able to provide cover with all major Marine Transit insurers. Whether you import, export or provide inland distribution of computers or works of art or anything in between, we have the market facility to protect you.

The cover we provide is tailored to your specific requirements whilst retaining the flexibility to adapt to your changing operations.

Our commitment to providing you with an unbeatable package focuses on:

  • Scope of cover
  • Superior service levels
  • Use of e-commerce to improve efficiency in the provision of documents and claims procedures

Policies can be provided for single, one off movements, or for annual covers where all shipments are automatically insured.

Covers can also be extended to provide:

  • Consequential Loss – when the loss of goods means loss of profits
  • Contingent Interest – where the onus is upon a third party to arrange cargo insurance
  • Storage – at any point during transit, prior to shipment and following delivery including full throughput coverage.

For further information or to obtain a quotation please contact us on 01296 678500.