August 21, 2020 In News

MOTOR FLEET CLAIMS REPORTING – Controlling the cost of your fleet premium through our early claims QR reporting app

High motor fleet premiums are usually as a direct result of the cost of your claims. Once a claim is submitted to insurers, the costs are generally out of your control and it is often the small incidents that tend to rack up the higher costs.

These, what you would consider ‘minor’ claims can often surprise, particularly where a claims management company is involved and has arranged for the third party to be placed in an expensive hire car and encourages them to pursue an injury claim.

The proven way to deal with this is to capture as much information at the time of the accident as possible and report the claim to insurers immediately. That is why we are providing a solution for our clients that allows their drivers to record accident information simply and quickly at the scene.

For further information, please read our claims QR app Motor Fleet Claims Reporting in conjunction with the claims cost example provided by Allianz Claims Cost Detail